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I'm a partner at btov Partners, a European venture capital firm based in St.Gallen, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany. My investment focus is digital technology, particularly SaaS, AI, mobile, fintech and marketplaces.

From 2010-2018 I was the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Pixability, Inc., a video advertising and marketing software company that helps brands and agencies leverage the power of big video platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OTT) with big data analytics and AI. I was responsible for product strategy and data science.

Before Pixability, I was the Chief Technology Officer (and co-founder) of Buzzient, Inc., a software company based in Cambridge, MA. Buzzient was founded in early 2008 and provided enterprise-class social media analytics and CRM integration.

I was a co-founder and board member of Blogwerk AG, a Web 2.0 startup focusing on blog content for the German-speaking region of Europe. It was acquired by WEKA Media in 2012.
I'm a co-founder of e-business consultancy Namics AG (formerly delta Consulting Group AG). Namics currently has 550+ employees and works for major customers such as Nestlé, Microsoft, European Central Bank, and Mercedes Benz. From 2002 to 2004 I was the CEO of Namics AG. Before that, I was Head of Consulting and Head of Technology. Between 2004 and 2008, I was a member of the board of directors.
Namics was founded in 1996 as a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. At the University's Institute of Information Management I worked from 1993-1997 as a research assistant and was involved in several pioneering research projects in the fields of e-commerce, electronic banking and groupware.
From Fall 2004 to November 2005, I was the founding CEO for the creation of new business unit Publiconnect at Swiss media company PubliGroupe. Publiconnect provides marketing services and a technology platform for cross-media classified advertising.
I was the first angel investor and board member in speech-technology company SVOX, which sold in 2011 to Nuance Communications for $125M. SVOX is the speech technology in Android and most luxury cars.