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Other Projects


In 2004, I made a documentary film about the "Mocmoc" art project.
Mocmoc is a mythical creature, created by Swiss artist duo Com&Com. The Mocmoc statue stands on the center square of the city of Romanshorn in Switzerland and caused a major scandal there. The documentary shows the story behind this art scandal and the massive international media coverage that followed.
2004, 45 Min. Available on DVD and YouTube, Swiss-german with English and German subtitles.

I also wrote an article in the book about the Mocmoc project.


In 2006, I completed a DVD for the "Gugusdada" project by Swiss artist group Com&Com, containing interviews, documentary material and a music video. The project celebrates the re-opening of Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, the birthplace of the Dada art movement.

Swiss TV broadcast a report about the project, featuring my video clip for the "Gugusdada" theme song.


namics art award

Namics ag, one of the companies that I co-founded, awarded a prize between 2000 and 2008 for contemporary media art, co-financed by my co-founder Philipp Lämmlin and myself. This award intended to support and promote young artists that use modern media in their work.

The winners were:

2000: Alexander Hahn
2001: Shahryar Nashat
2002: Etoy
2003: Tatjana Marusic
2004: Yan Duyvendak
2005: Sladjan Nedeljkovic
2006: Norbert Möslang
2008: Elodie Pong


Back in 1996, I founded the Swiss Online Art Project (SOAP) together with Johannes M. Hedinger. SOAP tried to be an online galery for Swiss artists, but we were probably a bit ahead of our time. However, some remains can still be seen on